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Do you have family members that depend on you for their daily welfare? Would your spouse be able to continue to make your house payment if something happened to you? What about your kid’s college or other special things you might want to support?

Most of us don’t really like to think about those questions, but sadly the mortality rate on being a human is pretty much guaranteed to be 100%. We like to think we will live a long healthy life, but we know there are no guarantees.

Term life insurance is a must for most people

If you have people who are depending on your income for their support, then having some good term life insurance is a must. You should have between 10-15 times your annual income in coverage. That way if something unexpected were to happen to you, your family could invest the life insurance proceeds and live off the earnings from the investments.

You might think buying that much coverage would be really expensive, but the reality is it isn’t. If you are young and in good health term insurance is very cheap. Obviously, the older you get or if you have significant health issues then your costs will increase. Insurance companies price the insurance based on the likelihood of your death, so naturally a 60-year-old is more likely to die than a 20-year-old making the insurance more expensive.

Shopping around

The best way to buy life insurance is to shop around. Insurance is based on a variety of factors but each company evaluates those factors a little differently, so you will need to check out several companies to find your best deal.

There are many web sites that will help you with this. You simply enter some information on the site and they will show you quotes from a variety of companies. There is a problem though with a lot of these sites. Many of these companies are basically just lead generators. The way they make money is by selling your information to the insurance companies. That means that when you enter your information to get an idea of what insurance might cost, it won’t take long before your phone will start ringing. takes some of the pain out of buying insurance

The good news is there is an alternative. will help you price insurance without your information ever being given out to third parties.

The folks at Policy Genius had worked previously in the insurance industry but they could see two big problems. The process of buying insurance was complicated, confusing, and stressful for the consumer and even after making a purchase many people still worry that what they purchased isn’t really the right solution for their situation.

They determined there had to be a better way to help people get the coverage they need. They are an independent broker so they can help you shop across a variety of companies. And they promise to never sell your information to other companies. They have trained insurance experts available to answer your questions but if you want to just look up some quotes on your own you are welcome to do that as well with no strings attach and no annoying follow-up calls.

When you go to Policy Genius you can select a life insurance quote. They will then lead you through a series of questions about your age and health history and the amount of coverage that you desire. Since life insurance is priced based on these things, those questions ar necessary to allow them to properly assess your situation. Once you have entered that information they will then show you quotes from several different companies. The process is simple and takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Not just life insurance

I have been focusing here on life insurance, but Policy Genius can also help you with shopping for pet insurance, renter’s insurance and long-term disability insurance. They are continuing to expand their offerings and hope to add more categories of insurance in the future.

Get a quote today

If you already have coverage in one of these areas, it is always a good idea to shop it around once a year of so just to make sure that you are still getting a good deal. I have life insurance and I used Policy Genius to check what current rates were available for me. In my case I found the quoted rates were within a few dollars of what I am currently paying so I will continue with my current company.

If you do not currently have life insurance and you have people who depend on you, you need to get it now. Go to and get a quote. You may find it isn’t nearly expensive as you thought.

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