Review: is a cool site for monitoring your gas mileage

I have always enjoyed keeping track of the gas mileage on my vehicles. While fueling up isn’t one of my favorite activities, especially with what gas prices are these days, it is kind of fun to see how many miles per gallon I can squeeze out of that tank. Over the years I have used different methods for keeping track of fuel mileage. Sometimes I’ve just reset the trip odometer each time I filled the tank and then would do some quick math in my head. Sometimes I’ve gone so far as using a spreadsheet to track my mileage.Fuelly

Recently, I became aware of a really cool website, Fuelly provides a very simple interface for tracking your gas mileage.

Getting started with is a free service. Signing up couldn’t be easier. Simply go to You’ll need to enter your e-mail, a user name, password, your full name, and the country where you live. Fuelly will send you an e-mail in a matter of minutes. Click on the link to confirm your e-mail address and you are then all set.

The next step is to add your vehicle. At minimum you just need to add the make, model, and year. You can also optionally specify several other details about the vehicle. You also specify a few details about how you will track your mileage. Give your car a name and you are all set.

Then when you fill up you simply logon, enter how many miles you have driven or your current odometer reading and how many gallons you put in and the date. Optionally, you can also track things like how much you paid for gallon and there is a notes field that you can enter what ever you want. I use the notes field to keep track of where I bought the gas. on the go

If you have an Android-based device, Fuelly has a free app that makes it very simple for you to enter your fuel-ups. Simply download the app from the app store, logon with the same credentials you use on the web site and it gives you a very simple screen for entering your fuel up.

If you have an Apple device, Fuelly announced that they recently purchased Gas Cubby. They are planning on updating it for the soon to be released iOS 7 and will rebrand it under the Fuelly name at that time.

Other features

Fuelly also provides some other really useful features.


You can set reminders through Fuelly. So you can let Fuelly remind you when it’s time for your next oil change or when you should get your tires rotated or any other reminder you want.


Fuelly gives you the ability to insert notes. Perhaps you got your engine tuned up, add a note and then you can look back over time to see what impact that had on your gas mileage. It could provide a really simple way to keep a record of maintenance that you have performed on your vehicle.


There are also forums where you can ask questions.

Perhaps the best feature

One of the best features of is the community aspect. When looking to buy a used car one important question that I like to have an answer to is what kind of fuel economy I should expect. Fuelly could be an invaluable tool in figuring out what to expect and here’s why.

Fuelly provides the ability to search by vehicle type. This is why it is helpful to include as much detail about your car as possible. For example, I recently replaced my old Toyota Corolla work car with a 1998 Toyota Camry. On Fuelly if I search for Toyota Camrys I find that there are currently 72 Camrys from 1998 that are being tracked. Those 72 cars are averaging 25.6 MPG. That’s very useful information if you are looking at a used car. Even if you choose not to track your own fuel mileage, it is worth checking out Fuelly for this feature alone when you are in the market for a used car. is a handy service

I think there is value in tracking your fuel economy. A sudden change in your mileage could well mean your vehicle is in need of service. Fuelly makes this extremely easy. And the best part is, it is free!

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