Quick Tip: Sleep On It

Don’t rush on major purchases. Define what constitutes a major purchase in your budget. I would say in general anything more than $100-$200 would qualify as a major purchase, but you decide what that number is for you. Make a committment that you will not make any purchase over that amount without at least sleeping on it overnight. Better yet commit to waiting one week before going back to make the purchase.

But the salesman says the deal is only for today. . .  If he wants to make the sale, he’ll give it to you tomorrow.

But wait –  it’s the last one . . .  If God wants you to have it, it will still be there when you come back.

When I have taken this approach on something I thought I really needed, many times a day or two later I find that I really don’t want it that much after all. This requires a little discipline, but it’s a great way to save yourself from impulses that will torpedo your budget.

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