Working for a purpose not a payment

It’s no secret that I am a big Dave Ramsey fan. Following the baby steps Dave promotes allowed us to finally pay off all of our debts except our mortgage (still working on that one) a few years ago. It was a life changing experience, especially since I was laid off from my job of […]

4 Hidden benefits of having an emergency fund

Almost all financial advisers will tell you that one of the first steps toward financial freedom is building an emergency fund. This isn’t really a mystery. We all know the benefits of having some emergency savings to help us get through the bumps in life that we all face. Things break and have to be […]

5 questions to ask in a “Keeping up with the Joneses” world

The spirit of envy can destroy; it can never build. – Margaret Thatcher I believe the lack of contentment is one of the prime factors that prevents people from ever building long-term wealth. The need to “keep up with the Joneses” is a sure way to mediocrity because there is never an end. The finish […]

Best of the week – May 23, 2015

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week… 5 Basic Banking Lessons to Teach Your Teen Your teen doesn’t have to have a degree in finance, but it is critical that you teach your children some basics of banking and handling money. I think one of the reasons that many young people struggle […]

An important financial lesson from the racing world

While I am not a huge racing junky, I do enjoy watching an occasional NASCAR or Indy car race. This weekend many of us will take some time to watch drivers traveling almost 230 MPH make their way around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Indy 500. It is a Memorial Day tradition. The skill […]

The question that might change your life

In John 5 we have the story of one of the many miracles of Jesus recorded in the gospels. In Jewish lore it was believed that occasionally an angel would come stir the waters at the pool of Bethesda. They believed that after the waters were stirred, the first person to touch the waters of […]