January’s Featured Financial Peace University Coordinator

I have been teaching Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University for a couple of years now. My wife and I took Financial Peace several years ago. We used the principles from the class to pay off all our debts but our home. Still working on that one but we’ll get there. It has been a tremendous blessing to us. We paid off that last debt in March of 2009 and I was laid off from my job of 21 years just three months later. That was in the depths of the recession and at the height of unemployment. It was a scary time, but it was made so much easier by not having a bunch of debt payments hanging over my head. Financial Peace UniversityThe good news was I was able to find another position 8 months later and we were able to survive that time with barely touching my severance package. It actually became our fully funded emergency fund after I got my new job.

Because of those experiences I volunteered to lead FPU and am currently teaching my 6th class. It is great fun. I really enjoy it. I know what a difference this class made in our family’s life and I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.

I am very honored to say I was selected to be the featured FPU coordinator on Dave Ramsey’s web site this month. You can read the article at:

Financial Peace University Coordinator Highlight

The picture in the article and at the side here was taken this summer as we were able to enjoy a wonderful trip to the Black Hills, Yellowstone, the Tetons, and Rocky Mountain National Park. And the best part was the trip was paid for 100% in cash thanks to Dave’s teachings. It was an experience that my family will always remember and so much the better because we didn’t have to spend the next several months trying to pay for it.

If you have never taken FPU, I highly recommend finding a class in your area and taking it. I believe you can benefit from this class regardless of what stage your finances are in. Certainly if you are struggling with debt this class can be a big help. But even if you are doing well there is much here to learn as he talks about relationships, investing, insurance, giving, and many other topics. You may not agree 100% with everything Dave teaches. That’s fine. But I truly believe you will be glad you took the class. It will help your finances and if you are married it will help your marriage.

Have you taken Financial Peace University? What was the biggest difference it made in your life? Leave a comment to encourage others.

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