There’s an old financial joke that says your problem is that you have too much month left at the end of your money. Sadly this is pretty much the common way of life for most Americans. And for most of my adult life this was the life I lead as well. I lived mostly paycheck to paycheck. Usually had enough to cover my bills. Fortunately, I never got into serious financial difficulties but on the other hand I could never quite seem to get ahead. Had a little bit of money saved but never enough really to cover the occasional emergencies that come up. So just about the time I’d think I was making a little progress something else would break and it’d be back to square one. Credit cards provided easy answers in these times not too mention being way too convenient when I really “needed” to have that new gadget. And besides it was on sale this month so I had to take advantage of that deal. I’ll probably be able to pay it off in a few months anyway, right? And car payments? Well everyone has a car payment. I never imagined there might come a day when I wasn’t paying on at least one car.

Does any of that sound familiar? I think too many people can probably relate. About 5 years ago I finally decided I was tired of living that rat race. Through a little help from books by Dave Ramsey and Crown Financial ministries and a little sacrifice and work along with an incredibly supportive spouse and a little help from God we were able to finally break out of that cycle. We are now debt free except for our house with a nice emergency fund to make sure we don’t have to fall back into that cycle again.

On the one hand, gaining control of your finances is easy. At its heart is simple math my 4th grade son could do. On the other hand, particularly in our consumer crazy society, it can be incredibly difficult. Learning to say no is a difficult sometimes painful process especially, when sometimes we are trying to reverse years or decades maybe even generations of habits. It requires learning to make short-term sacrifice so that we can win in the long-term.

My hope through this blog is to share some of the things that I’ve learned in this journey. Hopefully, teach you a little about managing your finances along the way. And most of all encourage you that you can win in your finances too.

Thank you for honoring me with your time reading my posts here. I hope to be able to reward your investment in me by helping you reach a place where you never again have to worry about having more month than money.

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