How To Live Your Dreams

You have to dream before your dreams can come true. – Abdul Kalam

This weekend I was watching the final round of the 2012 Masters golf tournament. It was an incredibly exciting finish as Bubba Watson edged Louis Oosthuizen with a miraculous shot out of the trees on the second playoff hole. Watson was visibly overcome with emotion after sinking the winning putt. In Butler Cabin as he was being interviewed after the win, he was asked by Jim Nance if he had ever dreamed of being in this position at the Masters. Watson responded, “I’ve never gotten this far in my dreams.” It was a powerful statement of the magnitude of what he had accomplished and what the win meant to him.

Dreams are powerful motivators in our lives. They are often the fuel that spurs us on to great deeds. Dreams are also great catalysts for change.

Often times one spouse will get on board with changing their family finances long before the other spouse does. This can create serious problems in the relationship, particularly when one spouse sees the need to change but the other doesn’t.

What sometimes happens is one spouse dives right in wanting to make changes right away. We need to stop eating out. Cut the cable package. Toss the cell phones. I’m getting a part-time job. Etc. Meanwhile the other spouse is saying who kidnapped my mate and replaced them with this wacko!

The problem happens when you jump right into the how and miss the why. If you find yourself in this situation one of the keys is to take a deep breath, get together with your spouse away from all distractions, and spend some time dreaming the why’s. 

Talk with each other about what dreams you have and would like to experience together.

  • Maybe it’s a dream of retiring early so you can start a side business dream that you have always shared.
  • Maybe you have young children and you’d like for one spouse to be able to stay home full-time with the kids.
  • Maybe your dream is travel. Take a trip through Europe? Visit the outback in Australia? Getting an RV and driving around America?    
  • Maybe you dream of being able to support a ministry that is very close to your heart.
  • Maybe you dream of being able to pay for your children’s college education or perhaps you dream of going back to school yourself and following a different path for your life.
  • Maybe you just dream of a day when you had absolutely no payments and you could sleep at night without worry.

I don’t know what your dreams are but spend some time dreaming. Share your dreams with each other.  What would it mean to actually be able to live those dreams? What do you need to do to accomplish them? Will the path you are currently on enable you to reach those dreams? If not, what do you need to change to get there?  Once you have a shared dream, then you can begin to discuss the how. Without the dream though, sacrifice will seem an empty exercise.

Dreams are also a powerful motivator  for staying on track once you begin to make changes. Getting out of debt is not easy. There will be ups and downs along the way. You’ll experience setbacks. The water heater springs a leak. The timing belt breaks. Murphy has lots of ways to trip us up.

Again this is where you come back to those dreams. Do you have a dream worth fighting for? Maybe once a month or so you need to sit down again together with the TV off and the kids in bed and just dream those dreams again. It will help you to keep the eye on the finish line when discouragement would tell you to quit.

This week Bubba Watson found himself living a dream that was beyond what he had ever hoped for. What are your dreams? Have you taken time to consider them? If you are married have you discussed them with your spouse? If not take a little time to dream this week. But don’t stop there. Put together a plan to live those dreams.


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