How to ask for a raise

Many times part of the answer to our financial difficulties is we just need to earn more money. That might mean working some overtime or finding a part-time job. The answer might mean taking some classes or learning some new skills that will help you be able to find a higher paying career.

But the answer could be simply getting paid more for your current job. If you haven’t had a promotion or a raise in some time, here are some tips on how to ask for a raise and get it.

God is in control

The psalmist says “For promotion and power come from nowhere on earth, but only from God. He promotes one and deposes another.” Psalms 76:7-8 (TLB) Ultimately, it is God who controls our future. Be willing to accept though that sometimes God puts us in the position we are in because He is preparing us for something greater in the future.Ask for a raise

Be a servant

Find out what your boss needs most and determine how you can best serve his needs. Prove yourself over time so that your boss knows he can count on you when he needs something done. Seek out additional responsibilities. Be willing to do the things that others avoid.

Document what you accomplish

Make sure you keep careful records of what you have accomplished. Pay special attention to what you have done that has contributed to the bottom-line. If your efforts have brought in new revenue or saved the company significant money, you can use this to show you are worthy of additional pay or responsibilities. Never assume your boss knows what you do. Depending on how many people your boss manages and what other responsibilities they have, it is often possible that he simply isn’t able to keep track of everything. Keeping good records of your accomplishments will help you make sure your contributions are not forgotten.

Make your boss look good

Find out what your boss has been asked to accomplish and find ways to contribute to those goals. Don’t hide problems. Try to make sure your boss isn’t blind sided with issues. It will usually go better for you if you have notified your boss of potential problems before someone else does. Treat your boss as you would like to be treated.

Provide solutions

When you are presented with change, don’t be the one that always has a reason why it won’t work. If you see a problem with the planned solution, you should point it out, but also be prepared to provide your ideas for potential solutions to the problems you see.

Ask for it

Especially if you work for a smaller company, your boss may have simply forgotten. Larger companies often have a more formal annual review process that you will need to follow, but smaller companies are often not as regimented. If your boss says no, ask what areas you can improve in order to be considered for a raise or promotion in the future.

Ask with humility

Approach your boss with humility and not arrogance. Remember your company does not owe you a raise. Your raise should be a reflection of how you have brought a benefit to the company you work for. This is why it is important to be able to document specific contributions you have made, especially when those contributions have directly impacted the bottom line.

Getting the raise you deserve

If you have not received a raise or a promotion for a while, following these steps will help you distinguish yourself from your co-workers. Is it guaranteed to work in all cases? Of course not. Most of us have had bosses at some point in our career that we couldn’t please no matter what we did. But in most cases, following these steps will make you an employee who will be highly valued. (And you might even get that raise without even asking!)

What experiences have you had with asking for a raise?

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