Encore post: Learn to recognize those perfect moments

More Money Than Month is taking a little vacation for a few days but so as not leave you empty-handed, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorites from the past couple years.


A couple of weeks ago I was having a very bad day. Started about 2:30 in the morning when I got a message about a problem at work. Spending time on the phone with technical support folks. Waiting for a technician to show up to fix the problem. And waiting. And waiting. Being up most of the night only to find out the needed parts weren’t available as they should have been. And plenty of stress to go around. All of which made it a pretty lousy Saturday.

In the midst of that I had plans to take my son to a local small college football game at my alma mater. I was looking forward to it but afraid that those work problems were going to keep us from being able to go. Fortunately, I did manage to arrange things so we were able to still go to the game.

A perfect moment in the midst of a storm

We went to that game that afternoon and I had a great time. Walking into the stadium with my son holding my hand. Our team won the game easily. It was a gorgeous early October day. The trees were turning brilliant shades of red and orange and yellow. The temperature was ideal. Not too hot. Not too cool. And best of all I got to spend the afternoon with my son whperfect momentom I love. It was truly a perfect moment.

Later in the day I would return home to finish dealing with the problems at work. The system that had the issue was fixed. All was well. But in spite of what started as a lousy day, I was given the grace to not miss the perfect moment that I had the privilege of experiencing that afternoon.

Slowly I’m learning to focus my attention more on those moments and less on the storms that life sends our way. It is a work in progress but I’ll get there.

A book that will change your life

The truth is those “perfect moments” pop up far more often than we realize. We just aren’t looking for them and we miss them. This idea of the “perfect moment” came to my attention a few months back through a short e-book by Andy Andrews.

In it Andy talks about spending the afternoon watching his son fishing and then tossing a football with his son. His son told him that it was just perfect, and Andy realized how often he gets to experience those perfect moments and how often he has missed them because he wasn’t looking for them.

The e-book is free from Andy’s web site. You can get it by signing up for his free newsletter at: http://www.andyandrews.com/pages/the-perfect-moment. If you don’t want to get his newsletter you can always unsubscribe later, although I would encourage you to continue. I always learn something from Andy’s thoughts.

I truly believe this little e-book will change your life. It is short. Won’t take more than 5-10 minutes for you to read, and yet learning to see and appreciate those little perfect moments that God sends our way will change you as a person.

Perfect moments seldom have a price tag

So what does this have to do with finances? Well, I think many times people feel they have to spend a lot of money to create memories but it just isn’t so. This can often be a problem in families touched by divorce or when one spouse has to be away for large amounts of time due to work. But, think back to your favorite memories from your childhood. I’d hazard a guess that many of them involved very little money. That trip to the football game cost less than $20, but it is a memory I will always cherish.

Learn to find those perfect moments.

  • Playing catch with your son
  • Taking a quiet walk with your spouse
  • Stopping to enjoy the beauty of a sunset
  • Working together in the kitchen to fix supper
  • Watching an old comedy and laughing until your sides hurt.
  • Reading a good book to someone you love

I don’t know what your perfect moments may be. But I do know that you don’t need to try to buy memories. The best moments of your life will most often come with a very small price tag. Learn to stop and recognize those perfect moments. Don’t miss out. Life is too short to allow those moments to pass you by.

Have you had a “perfect moment” this week?

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