How to create a very easy price book to save on your groceries

Have you ever been at the grocery store and noticed an item on sale but you weren’t sure if it was a good price or not? Or perhaps you are shopping your favorite warehouse club and you see that huge box of cereal. But how does that box equate to the box you buy at […]

9 Ways to keep Black Friday from turning into Monday blues

This week those of us in the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday. The day after Thanksgiving has also become somewhat of an unofficial holiday, as stores offer deep discounts on certain items to encourage people to get out and start their Christmas shopping. It has become known as Black Friday, as supposedly it […]

Are service packages like the DirecTV Protection Plan a good deal?

I have been a DirecTV subscriber for many years. Recently, I received an offer promoting their DirecTV Protection Plan. For an additional $7.99 per month I get the opportunity to have a free upgrade of my equipment once every 2 years (providing I extend my contract 2 years of course) and I get some enhanced […]

I think that box of Cheerios is watching me

I’ve recently started to see articles about a new technology, Smart Shelves, that may be coming to a grocery store near you in the next couple years. Based off the same technology used by the Microsoft Kinect video game add-on, this technology will allow the shelf to recognize what you are looking at and provide […]

10 times a bargain isn’t really a bargain

I love to get a bargain. It’s a great feeling to find something that you really need (or maybe just really wanted) and walk out of the store knowing you got it for considerably less than its normal price. But sometimes that bargain you thought you got wasn’t really such a bargain after all. When […]

Encore post: Don’t let the tiny beetles kill your financial forest

More Money Than Month is taking a little vacation this week but so as not leave you empty-handed, I thought I’d share with you again some of my favorites from the last year and a half. Since we are on the topic of vacation, I thought I’d share a thought that came to me during […] a great way to save on your online purchases

What if you could earn money by making purchases online that you were planning to make anyway? Sounds too good to be true. Essentially, that is what allows you to do. What is Ebates is a web site where you can earn cash back when you make purchases at a variety of online […]

What to do if you are under water on your car payments

I believe that car payments are one of the things that keep people from ever truly succeeding financially. The average new car payment is somewhere around $450 per month. If you were to invest that money over the course of a lifetime instead of paying it to banks, even at a conservative 8% rate of […]