How to save 15-25% on your health care costs, Part 1

How would you like to be able to save 15-25% on your health care costs each year? And I don’t mean changing doctors or pursuing some kind of risky alternative treatments. There really is a way you can save this kind of money each year on your health care costs. The answer is to get […]

3 reasons why your work-based life insurance isn’t good enough

Insurance and life insurance in particular is something that most people don’t really like to think about. We really don’t like to think about our own mortality, however we all know that day will come some day. The mortality rate for being human is 100%. Having good life insurance can be a critical component in […]

Why life insurance is a critical part of loving your family well

Insurance is an odd financial animal. It’s one of those few things that we pay for that we hope we never use. Life insurance certainly heads this list. We pray we never need to use our life insurance because if we do it means a loved one has passed away. But, we also know that […]

7 Common mistakes people make with their money

Everyone makes mistakes with their money from time to time. If you are breathing then that probablymeans that you have messed up somewhere along the line. Here are 7 common mistakes that many people make.  1. Losing the interest rate exchange What many people do without even thinking is put their money in a savings […]

Quick Tip: Review your homeowners insurance

Most insurance companies no longer offer guaranteed replacement cost on your home owners insurance. The down side of this is it places the responsibility back on you to make sure you have sufficient coverage. You don’t want to have a fire or other disaster and find out that policy that you signed up for 10 […]