Use to get free life insurance quotes

Do you have family members that depend on you for their daily welfare? Would your spouse be able to continue to make your house payment if something happened to you? What about your kid’s college or other special things you might want to support? Most of us don’t really like to think about those questions, […]

Love your family through the major events of life

Marriage and divorce. The birth of a new child or the death of a loved one. Starting a new job or perhaps losing one. Buying a new home. These are major life events that can significantly change our lives. Many of these events also can have financial implications, but whether it is through the joy […]

The 2 rules for deciding what type of insurance you need

Insurance is a key part of your financial plan, and yet it is something we often neglect. I think there are a couple of reasons for this. First, insurance is often expensive and it is one of the only things that we buy that we hope we never use. Second, and maybe even more important, […]

12 steps to take in honor of Financial Wellness month

I just heard this past week that January was Financial Wellness month. That’s not surprising since this is the month of New Year’s Resolutions. While January may be nearly over, this is still a good time to consider your overall financial well-being. Dust off the budget Are you doing a regular monthly budget that is […]

The problem with insuring our emotions

Terrorism. It’s a word that evokes strong emotions, particularly in the years since September 11. The dangerous thing about strong emotions is they can make us act irrationally at times. The effect of emotions I recently read about a study done by a group of economists from Penn State, Temple, and the University of Pennsylvania. […]

9 Things you need to know about the new healthcare marketplace

Much has been written and said about Obamacare over the last couple years. Regardless of whether you think it is good legislation or bad, October 1 marked a milestone in the implementation of the new healthcare law. The Obamacare legislation is being enacted through several phases. A big one is taking place right now through […]

How do I know what type of insurance to buy

Insurance can be a complicated topic and it is very easy to become lost in the myriad of choices. Life, home owners, renters, auto, health, disability, cancer, accidental death, extended warranties, credit card protection, mortgage repayment, long-term disability…. The list goes on and on. How does one even know what insurance you should have? What […]