Why you might consider a credit union for your banking

I recently saw the following clip about credit unions on CBS Morning News. Jack Otter, executive editor at CBS MoneyWatch.com, provides a great overview of credit unions and why you might want to consider them for your banking needs. Why choose a credit union? I have used a credit union as my primary banking institution […]

How do I fix an error on my credit report

According to a CNN Money article, a recent study by the FTC reported that 42 million Americans may have some error on their credit report. As many as 5% of all reports may have errors serious enough to cause them to have credit denied. Check your credit report So what can you do about it? […]

Be an MVP parent teaching your children about money

Think back to when you were 18 years old. Graduating from high school. Maybe preparing for college. Maybe looking for that first job. Excited about being an adult. Making your own decisions and being on your own. How prepared were you to make wise financial decisions? How prepared were you to make any kind of […]

3 Tips to get organized with your finances

Have you ever missed paying a bill because you lost the statement? Is one of the challenges of tax time just trying to find your records? Is one of the challenges that keeps you from budgeting the simple fact you aren’t real sure what your expenses are? Time to get organized I believe one of […]

10 Things you should not carry in your purse or wallet

You arrive home and reach in your back pocket or look in the back seat and get a sinking feeling realizing your wallet or your purse isn’t there. Have you ever experienced this? We carry around some of our most sensitive information in our purse or wallet. Some things we almost have to carry with us […]

Don’t let the tiny beetles kill your financial forest

This summer I had the opportunity to take my family on a vacation to the Black Hills and to Yellowstone. It was a wonderful trip. I had been on a very similar trip when I was a kid. I recalled that the dense pine forests of the Black Hills really do make them look black […]

How to be a stay-at-home mom without bankrupting your family

A large percentage of US households are two income families. Many families feel they need both incomes to make ends meet. The hard part comes when children enter the picture.  At this point many moms (sometimes dads) find it very difficult to face going back to work and dropping the kids off at a day […]

7 Steps to follow if you are the victim of identity theft

A June Consumer Reports article reported that 16 million households in the US experienced some form of identity theft last year. There are about 115 million households in the US so that means about 1 in 7. That number is up over 50% in the last year. Of those 16 million identity thefts, 7.4 million were […]