Love your family through the major events of life

Marriage and divorce. The birth of a new child or the death of a loved one. Starting a new job or perhaps losing one. Buying a new home. These are major life events that can significantly change our lives. Many of these events also can have financial implications, but whether it is through the joy […]

How to avoid being the victim of identity theft

According to TransUnion, one of the three primary credit reporting agencies, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. Each minute that goes by another 19 people fall victim to identity theft. It is estimated that the average identity theft will cost the victim about $500 and 30 hours of effort to clean up. […]

How to choose a strong password for your online accounts

There have been a lot of stories in the news about the latest online security bug, which has been dubbed Heartbleed. Without diving into too much techno-babble, most secure web sites use a standard security protocol called SSL to encrypt the data that is sent between your computer and the web site that you are […]

12 steps to take in honor of Financial Wellness month

I just heard this past week that January was Financial Wellness month. That’s not surprising since this is the month of New Year’s Resolutions. While January may be nearly over, this is still a good time to consider your overall financial well-being. Dust off the budget Are you doing a regular monthly budget that is […]

5 Unexpected benefits of using personal finance software

I might be a bit of a computer geek. I’ve probably been rightly accused of that. As a result, many years ago I decided to buy a copy of Quicken to manage my checkbook. At the time I really didn’t have much more in mind than just the fact that I’d rather use the software […]

Encore post: Don’t let the tiny beetles kill your financial forest

More Money Than Month is taking a little vacation this week but so as not leave you empty-handed, I thought I’d share with you again some of my favorites from the last year and a half. Since we are on the topic of vacation, I thought I’d share a thought that came to me during […]

How to avoid getting caught by the latest phishing scam

Identity theft is a growing problem with some reports indicating that as many as 10 million people fall victim to identity theft each year. One method that has become increasingly popular is something called phishing. Phishing is a where a person is contacted over the phone or by e-mail by someone who appears to be […]