The secret behind Detroit wide receiver Ryan Broyles frugal lifestyle

You may have heard recently the story of Ryan Broyles, the young wide receiver for the Detroit Lions. USA Today, ESPN, Forbes and several other sites have recently run stories about how despite signing a contract for 3.7 million dollars after being drafted by the Lions in 2012, Broyles and his wife budget carefully and […]

5 Financial lessons from Mr. Spock

As a  long time Trekker, I was saddened last week by the death of Leonard Nimoy. So in honor of Mr. Spock, here are a few of his more famous quotes from the series, with a little financial twist to each one. “After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing […]

Learning to practice “And” compassion

You are watching the news one night and you see a tragic story about a family in town that had their home destroyed by fire. They got out safely but have lost all they own. Or perhaps you are sitting at church one Sunday and the special guest is a missionary from an underdeveloped country […]

14 Great books to give this Christmas

I believe that being a reader is one of the most important keys to personal and financial success. We live in a crazy world. Pretty much the only constant we have is change. If you are not constantly learning new things, you will be quickly left behind. Reading is one of the easiest ways to […]

How to find proper balance in our finances

In a very general sense, there are really only three things that you can do with money: Spend It Save It Give It If you are handling money in a healthy way, you should be doing at least a little bit of each of these. The problem occurs when we lack balance in our finances […]

Pray (but also meet the need if you are able)

Most of us who are Christians have experienced it at one time or another. You are sitting at Bible Study and everyone is sharing prayer requests. Someone mentions their neighbor Sally. Her husband just got laid off and they are in a bad spot financially. Or perhaps you pass a friend in the hallway at […]

12 steps to take in honor of Financial Wellness month

I just heard this past week that January was Financial Wellness month. That’s not surprising since this is the month of New Year’s Resolutions. While January may be nearly over, this is still a good time to consider your overall financial well-being. Dust off the budget Are you doing a regular monthly budget that is […]

Finding the real joy of giving in the WestJet Christmas miracle

One of the latest viral videos to make the rounds was the WestJet Christmas miracle provided to a plane load of their unsuspecting customers. The YouTube video has over 30 million views when I last checked. It is a wonderful story. If you haven’t seen it already watch the video below before reading on.   […]