Book Review: The World’s Easiest Pocket Guides by Larry Burkett

Larry Burkett in many ways was the modern day father of Christian financial advisers. Through his work with Crown Financial ministries, which he co-founded with Howard Dayton, a variety of syndicated radio programs, and numerous books, he has had a profound influence on many.

Simple and to the point

I came across these little books when looking for books by Larry Burkett at my local library. There are a whole series of these books:

These little books are each about 60 pages. They are very easy to read and are packed full of excellent practical advice on the various topics. These would be excellent resources for a young person just getting started in life but they are equally valuable for people of any age who need a quick refresher on finances. The books provide simple and easy to understand definitions for a variety of financial terms, help you understand the pluses and minuses of a variety of financial decisions, and provide lists of questions to ask as you approach various decisions.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if these books are still actively in print or not. I was able to get most of them through my local library.  Checking, I found several third party book sellers that still offer them for very reasonable prices. I highly recommend them. They are excellent little reference books to guide you through any of those key financial and life decisions.

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