Book Review: How’d You Score That Gig by Alexandra Levitt

A study by Right Management, a staffing consulting firm, found that as many as 84% of workers were looking to change jobs in 2012. How'd You Score That Gig

That is an astounding number, but it is not unusual to see studies that show those kinds of figures. It is clear that many in America are working in jobs that really don’t match their passions.

Now in a time of high unemployment as we have seen in recent years some would say you should just be happy that you have a job. That is true to a degree but that doesn’t mean you can’t be working on a transition toward work that matches what you were made for.

Half of the budget equation is what you spend, but the other half is what you earn. One way to get out of debt and to improve your financial situation is to increase your income. The problem is that it is difficult to reach your true earning potential when you are working in a job that makes you unhappy.

Discovering your unique personality

I recently heard an interview with Alexandra Levitt, author of How’d You Score That Gig?: A Guide to the Coolest Jobs-and How to Get Them. I was intrigued so I picked up a copy of the book.

Levitt basically divides people into seven different personality styles:

  • The Adventurer
  • The Creator
  • The Data Head
  • The Entrepreneur
  • The Investigator
  • The Networker
  • The Nurturer

The first chapter provides a simple 20 question quiz that presents a variety of situations with several options. You record which answer that would most closely match your reaction to that situation. There is then a simple scoring system to show which of those core personality types most closely resembles your personality.

The assessment is pretty simple, but I found it highly accurate when it classified where I would fall within those categories.

Applying that personality to your work

The rest of the book then has a chapter for each of those personality styles. In it she identifies several potential “cool” careers that would fit a person with that type of personality. These cool careers were chosen based on a survey she did of 20-30 year-olds where she asked them to identify their dream jobs. These careers were the ones that consistently rose to the top.

The good part is Levitt provides more than just a cursory overview of each potential career. For each career she interviewed several people who are currently working in that profession. The quotes from these interviews provide practical insights into what a typical day on the job might look like. It includes advice on what kind of education or certifications are needed as well as where you can go to find more information. She also provides some indication of what the typical salary ranges would be for someone in that career.

Finding work that aligns with your passion

If you wake up each morning looking forward to going to work and loving your job, then you probably don’t need this book. But if you suffer from the “can’t wait for Friday, oh no it’s Monday syndrome”, you might find How’d You Score That Gig? helpful. Even if you don’t want to pursue the specific jobs listed, I think she does a very good job of providing food for thought. The book provides a good framework to help you find a career that fits the personality that God has given you.


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