Best of the week – September 20, 2014

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

10 Silly Sales Tactics You Fall for Every Day

OK. Time to confess. How many of these have you fallen for? It’s ok. Actually, my hand is up too. In reality a lot of these tactics aren’t necessarily bad. In fact, they might be good if used right. But they are bad when they tempt you to buy things you don’t need or can’t use or when you get 10% off that item whose price was jacked up by 20% before the “sale”. The bottom line is you need to be a smart shopper so you get the deals and the deals don’t get you.

5 warnings for a credit card co-signer

There are a lot of things that can happen when you co-sign and sadly almost all of them are bad. The worst case is you end up with damaged credit, a huge bill and a relationship with a friend or family member that is damaged forever. It is simply not worth it. Do not enter into a co-sign arrangement.

Behind the Scenes of a Happy Frugal Marriage

Getting on the same page financially is one of the factors that can make or break your marriage. The #1 cause of divorce is money fights, and even if it doesn’t lead to divorce, you will find it almost impossible to succeed financially when you and your spouse are not working together.

5 Things I’m Giving Up To Get Out of Debt

It’s all about priorities and choices. So often we choose something that we want a little bit right now at the expense of something we really want down the road. Don’t trade what you want most for what you want now.

10 Things Interviewers Really Want to Know When They Ask These Questions

One of the most important keys to interviewing well is being prepared. There will always be a few questions that are a surprise, but there are many common questions that interviewers ask. Spend time ahead of time thinking about how you will answer them. Think about projects or things you have accomplished in previous jobs. Have them fresh in your mind so that as you are asked questions you don’t have to rack your brain trying to think of relevant experiences. Spend some time finding out information about the company you are interviewing for. If you know someone who works there, give them a call. If you enter the interview confident and organized and you appear to have done your homework, you stand a great chance of getting that job.

8 ways to protect your identity while online shopping

It seems that every other week we hear about another data breach at a major company. Identity theft is a real risk. While there may be no good way to perfectly protect yourself from being a victim, there are things you can do to limit your risk.

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