Best of the week – October 5, 2013

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

Back to Basics: Buying a Car

I recently followed a very similar process to the one Joanna lays out here to replace my car I drive each day. It requires intentionality and some planning ahead but it really is possible to find a quality used car for a good price and pay cash!

Is Your Bank Stealing Your Money?

Did you look at your most recent statement from your bank? How about your most recent cell phone bill or utility bill? Do you understand all the charges listed on the bill? Chances are the answer to that question is probably no. Our bills can slowly creep up a few dollars here and a few there and before you know it we’re paying 20 or 30% more for the same service. I challenge you to look closely at your next statements. If there are items you don’t understand, call the customer service department and ask for an explanation. They may be legitimate charges, or perhaps they are not. In any case you need to understand the services you are paying for each month.

An Evaluation of an Indexed Universal Life Plan

Universal life/Variable life/Whole life, the plans go under a variety of names, but almost all of them are lousy products that earn big bucks for the insurance companies (and high commissions for the salesperson) and do very little to help the person purchasing the policy. It is nearly always much better to buy a term policy for a fraction of the cost and invest the difference. You will come out far ahead.

How I paid off $34,579 in student loans in under 4 years

You pay off debt by being focused and hustling like crazy. Let Stephanie’s story inspire you. The borrower is slave to the lender. You freedom is worth the sacrifice.

Expert Touts 10 Surefire Resume Rules

Good tips if you are looking for a job. I think the two most important takeaways are remember your potential employer is looking for how you can solve problems for them. The more you can provide concrete examples that are applicable to the specifics of the job you are applying for the better chance you will have. Second, be sure to include your most important points as close to the beginning of your resume as possible. Chances are if your resume is looked at the hiring manager will read the first couple paragraphs and skim the rest. You need to catch their attention at the beginning of your resume.

Store-Brand Foods Eating National Brands for Lunch

With a few exceptions I have found that many store brands are just as good as the name brand and they often cost significantly less. I encourage you to try some of the cheaper store brands. You may be surprised at what you can save without missing any quality at all.


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