Best of the week – October 11, 2014

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

Who will inherit your debt when you die?

This can be a complicated subject. Generally speaking if the debt is only in the deceased name then the heirs aren’t liable. However, the deceased estate is liable for whatever debts there may be. So if for example you inherit grandpa’s house but grandpa had a bunch of debt and little savings, you might need to pay off the debt if you don’t want to be forced to sell the house. In addition, there are community property states where a spouse might be liable even if the debt is not in their name. Finally, this is one more reason why co-signing is a very bad idea.

4 Common Credit Card Problems And How To Solve Them Today

How many of these problems have you struggled with?

How I made $2,145 Last Month by decluttering

If you are struggling to get traction, have an emergency without the savings to pay for it, are stuck in the cycle of minimum payments with little hope of breaking out, or just needing a little extra cash for something you want to buy, one option is to start selling things. Let’s face it. Most of us have boxes of stuff that we wouldn’t really miss if it were gone. Start selling some stuff. You can always get more stuff later. You might just have the money you need to get some traction in your finances sitting there gathering dust in your basement.

10 Things Only Personal Finance Nerds Would Understand

Great fun list. OK. I admit I might be a bit of a nerd when it comes to my finances, but you probably figured that out already. I’m onboard with all 10 of these!!

10 Very Good Reasons to Get Renter’s Insurance

If you are are a renter having renter’s insurance is so important. Your belongings are not covered by your landlord’s policy. In fact your landlord could not insure your belongings even if he wanted to as you can only insure things that belong to you. Renter’s insurance is a must and the good news is it is generally very inexpensive.

It’s time to stop making a college choice into a life or death decision

I am convinced the student loan crisis is more about parenting than any of the typical causes that are discussed. Young people heading off to college seldom have the wisdom to understand what impact signing those papers may have on their lives for the next 10 or 20 years or more. For many careers having a degree is a must, but the name of the school on that piece of parchment will often mean very little to future employers.

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