Best of the week – November 29, 2014

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

Black Friday is for suckers: Here’s how I get the best deals no matter what day it is

I have long been a fan of Ebates and have used their browser plugin to make sure I don’t miss a chance to get a little cash back where it is available for my purchases. I wasn’t aware of Price-blink or Honey though. When you are preparing to make an online purchase, Price-blink will automatically search other major retailers to see if someone else is offering the same item at a better price. When you are preparing to checkout, Honey will automatically let you know of any potential coupon codes you could use to save on your purchase. I used these new plugins this week and found they work really slick.

Ultimate Gift Guide: Thoughtful Ideas for Every List and Every Budget

Have that one hard to buy for person on your Christmas list? The folks over at Wisebread have a great list of gift suggestion for a huge variety of interests. Check it out.

The Top 10 Financial Moves for People in their 20s

Often when we are young, the last thing on our minds is our long-term financial situation, but by making just a few wise decisions at a young age you can set yourself up for a lifetime of financial success. I would add an 11th move. Do your best to borrow as little as possible, if anything, for college. I value a college education as much as anyone but thousands of dollars in student loans will be an anchor around your financial neck for years to come. You can save yourself so much pain by limiting the amount you borrow as much as possible.

10 Cyber Monday Mistakes to Avoid

Cyber Monday is the online answer to Black Friday and online sales the Monday after Thanksgiving have almost surpassed the Black Friday sales for retailers. While there are good deals to be had, and I am all for finding bargains, I would just add that if you are working Monday, don’t spend all day surfing for bargains. Your employer deserves better than that.

7 Things You Didn’t Know Expire That Do

I bet you have some of these expired products in your home.

How to Setup an HSA

If you are relatively healthy, I think choosing a high deductible health plan in conjunction with a health savings account is one of the best ways to save on your health care costs. There are two big benefits. First, you can carry your HSA savings over from one year to the next so you have the opportunity to build that account up over time. That way when you do have health expenses you have the money in the savings account to cover them. Second the money you save is tax free so in essence that is like getting a 25-30% discount on your health care bills depending on your tax rate. That’s a good deal.

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