Best of the week – November 15, 2014

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

6 Lessons Learned From An All-Cash Grocery Budget

I used to hear people talking about the benefits of using cash when buying groceries and thought that might be helpful for some people but not for us. I thought we were pretty frugal already in the way we shopped and that whether we used a debit card or check or whether we used cash in envelopes it wouldn’t really change anything. Then we finally decided to try it and I realized I was completely wrong. Seeing real money in those envelopes (or the lack of it when it was getting close to pay day) made a real difference in our spending.

Compare Gift Cards

Many of you will be buying gift cards to give for Christmas this year. Bankrate has a great tool for comparing the options and attributes of the various cards. The most important consideration though is knowing the person you plan to give the card to. Make sure you give a card that they will use.

12 Unique Ways to Spend Less and Simplify This Christmas

I love Christmas. It is my favorite time of the year. Yet there have been some years where all of the things going on at Christmas became so overwhelming I was almost glad when January came. Don’t let all the “fun” of Christmas leave you too tired to enjoy it. And especially from a financial viewpoint, don’t turn Christmas into something you end up regretting for the next 12 months as the bills continue to come in. Most importantly don’t let all the activities of Christmas draw you away from the real meaning of the day.

5 Financial Red Flags That Can Sink Your Family

The number one cause of divorce is money fights. If you see your situation in some of these red flags, then it’s time to make some changes.

7 secret tactics warehouse stores don’t want you to know

We have had a membership with BJ’s for many years and have saved a lot of money with that membership. The key though to warehouse club shopping is you need to be informed about prices. Some things are great deals. Other things are really no cheaper than you might get at a regular grocery store. If you don’t have a good sense of what the normal price is for the items in your cart, you might not find the savings you are hoping for. If you are unsure, taking the time to track prices for common items you buy can be a big help.

9 Questions to Think About when Planning your Retirement

If you are nearing retirement age these are questions you must think about. Better still these are really questions you should give thought to long before retirement. When we are younger retirement is often the last thing on our minds. but often making the preparations we need for a comfortable retirement is so much easier the earlier we start.

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