Best of the week – May 3, 2014

Some articles that caught my eye this week…

6 Vital Money Tasks to Tackle Before Your Baby Arrives

Having a child can be one of the most rewarding things we do in life. (Can be one of the scariest too as the realization of the responsibility sets in.) There are some things we need to do though to make sure we are prepared financially when that new bundle of joy arrives.

Is It Pointless to Set Goals?

Interesting perspective on setting goals. I’ve often heard it suggested that one difference between those who are successful and those who are not is whether they have set written goals for what they want to accomplish. But could having goals be counterproductive? Leave a comment with what you think.

5 Ways to Save More by Gamifying Your Finances

Many of us have at least a little bit of a competitive nature. You can use that to your advantage by making a contest out of wise financial behaviors.

35 Grocery Items You Should Make at Home (and 5 to Buy)

Have you tried making any of these at home? Leave a comment with your favorite recipes below. My experience has been in many cases once you add in the value of your time, making things at home may not be a huge saver. Home made though is often better than the store brands and it can be healthier since you know exactly what you put into it.

20 Thrifty Decorating Tips

Scrimping to save and get out of debt doesn’t have to mean that you can’t update anything. You might just need to be a little creative in how you go about coming up with new ideas.

How to Budget For Health Care Expenses in Retirement

Many studies have shown that the last six months of your life will likely be the most expensive period of your life. In addition, planning for health care costs in retirement can be very tricky. If your health is good you may be fine, but some chronic health conditions can crack and scramble your nest egg pretty quickly.

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