Best of the week – May 17, 2014

Here are the articles that caught my eye this week…

Are You Using These Excuses?- 5 Budgeting Excuses and How You Can Overcome Them

If you earn enough you may be able to get by without ever doing a budget. But you will never be as successful as you might have been had you done a written monthly budget.

10 Tips for Having a Killer Garage Sale

As the weather warms up, we are entering garage sale season. If you are trying to get the debt snowball rolling, one great way is to sell some stuff. Most of us have plenty of stuff lying around that we haven’t used in months. A garage sale is a great chance to get rid of some clutter and at the same time knock out a couple of debts or raise some money to pay cash for that item that you have been wanting.

Why the Stock Market Makes You Feel Terrible Every Single Day

Since 1928 the S&P 500 has only finished the day in positive territory 53% of the time. No wonder people believe investing is risky. But if you look at the rolling 1 year average, your chances of a positive return increase to 72%, almost three-quarters of the time. Extend that a little further and at 10 years you have a 94% chance of making money and at 20 years 100% of the time the market has been positive. The point is, if you are looking on a daily basis the picture looks very different than if you have a long-term perspective. But you should only be investing money that you plan to leave alone for at least 5 years or more. Yes, you should check on your investments occasionally, but don’t do it too often, especially if the daily ups and downs tempt you into selling.

Five Big Investments You Don’t Know You Have

You probably never thought of some of these things as investments but they just might yield you a lot more benefit than any stock ever will.

6 Inspiring & Generous Givers from History

The point of gaining financial wealth is never about hoarding and what we can do for ourselves (though we are expected to provide for our families and I don’t think it is wrong to enjoy a few blessings God has provided.) The point of wealth is that it enables us to be a blessing to those who are in need.

15 Things You Can Do TODAY to Stop Relying on a Job You Hate

Not a bad list to follow even if you like your job.

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