Best of the week – March 15, 2014

Some articles that caught my eye this week…

You Do NOT Need a Credit Score

I hate the fact that the credit industry has brainwashed the public into thinking that you must have a high credit score in order to be financially successful. In fact, the credit score does nothing but indicate how good you are at borrowing money and making payments. (And the truth is it doesn’t do a real good job of that.)

Boost Your Retirement Account Balance By Making Money On The Side While Keeping Your Day Job

Sometimes you can make progress on your financial goals by simply cutting back your lifestyle, but often it is necessary to bring in a little more income in order  to break through and make real progress. Certainly, there are many ways to this, but online opportunities have opened the door to many new ways to make money. I like that this article points out that this can be a moving target as you may need to continually adapt what you are doing, but there are ways to make a very good side income or even replace your day job altogether.

Consumer Reports names the 23 worst used cars to buy

I believe the best deals in car ownership come in buying used vehicles. I have had great success and no reliability issues with the cars I have purchased. You do want to make sure you do your research ahead of time though to make sure that you aren’t buying a lemon.

17 legal secrets to reducing your taxes

Few people enjoy paying taxes, so this is an area where our integrity can be tested. Make sure you never “stretch the truth” just a little when paying your taxes. That said, I also think it is good stewardship of the resources that God has given us to take advantage of all opportunities we have to lessen out tax bill.

My Worst Purchase This Year

Amusing story from Aaron at Three Thrifty Guys. Sometimes we are sure that new gadget is going to make our life so much easier, but funny how it doesn’t work quite like it did in that commercial.

6 misconceptions about credit unions 

I love my credit union!

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