Best of the week – June 21, 2014

Some articles that caught my eye this week…

The Refinancing Train Is Leaving The Station 

Mortgage rates have been at historic lows for several years now, but they have started to inch back up in recent months. No one knows exactly what will happen, but if you have a high interest rate or an unfavorable mortgage like an adjustable rate, you might want to consider refinancing soon.

Is It Better To Spend Money On Experiences Or Material Things?

Many times we think if we just had that one more thing then we’d be happy. Often as parents we can fall into this trap with our kids. I believe this is especially true in households touched by divorce. But when I think about my best memories from childhood far more often they revolve around experiences as opposed to things. And experiences don’t have to cost a lot of money. Many of those happy memories I have cost very little money.

Starbucks sending employees back to college, some for free

Kudos to Starbucks for helping their employees further their education. College loans have been so normalized in our society, even promoted as good debt, that so many of our young people are entering life tens of thousands of dollars in bondage to debt. They are options though to limit this or do even graduate debt free.

Q&A: How do I get my husband on board with living a debt-free life?

Written from the wife’s perspective but it could just as easily go the other way. It is very difficult to succeed in a marriage when the husband and wife are pulling in different directions when it comes to financial matters. At best it can lead to resentment and at worst it is the leading cause of divorce. One additional factor that can be very important in bringing couples together are shared goals. If one spouse is always harping at the other about spending, it isn’t likely to make much difference. But if both spouses come together, develop goals and then can see how making conscious financial decisions will enable them to achieve those goals, then you stand a much better chance for success. Often we start with how or what questions, and many times it is more effective to start with the why.

Saying No and 11 Other Ways to Teach Kids About Money

Teaching our children to be responsible handling money is one of the most important life skills we need to pass along to our children.

26 Ways to Give Cash You’ve Never Thought of

Planning to give cash for a graduation gift? wedding gift? birthday? But you want to do something more than just stuffing it in a card? Here are some creative ways of giving cash in a very memorable way. Gotta say. There are some people out there a lot more creative than me!

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