Best of the week – July 5, 2014

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

30 Everyday Products You Can Make Instead of Buying at Walmart

If you enjoy being a do-it-yourselfer, here are some cool ideas of everyday products that you can make yourself. In addition to perhaps being cheaper, another big benefit of this is you know exactly what you are putting in the product.

Combining Finances: Tips for Newlyweds

They say June is the most popular month for weddings. If you are just starting your new life together, it is so important for both of you to be on the same page financially. Money fights are the number 1 cause of divorce. You owe it to yourself and your spouse to work through these issues together.

The 5 Best Cash Back Online Shopping Sites

I love using E-bates. It’s simple and easy, and they have a wide variety of sites available. The best part is the browser extension they provide. It automatically detects when I go to a web site that has eligible rebates. I simply click on the button that pops up to activate my rebate and then complete my shopping as usual. A few days later the rebate appears in my account. While you certainly won’t get rich from these sites, it is pretty nice getting a few dollars back here and there basically for just the effort of clicking on a button.

8 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Be Financially Independent

Perhaps one of the best ways is to simply involve them in your finances in an age appropriate way and to also gradually give them the ability to make their own spending decisions. It is much better for them to make a mistake on a $150 pair of shoes and suffer for a purchase they come to regret as opposed to making a mistake later in life on a $40,000 car. If they can learn those lessons in a safe, protected environment, they may avoid years of grief down the road.

10 Tips for Buying Your Next Car for Less

I believe new car payments are one of the biggest factors that keep many people from ever making any financial progress. The average car payment is $475.  With many people having 2 cars in the driveway, that’s almost a thousand dollars a month. Imagine how you could change your life if you had an extra $1000 a month to pay off debts, save or invest! But I must have transportation you say? Truth is you can get a very reliable and comfortable used vehicle for a fraction of the price of a new one.

Kid friendly vacations on a tank of gas

If the budget is tight, you can still enjoy some fun family times without spending a lot of money.

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