Best of the Week – July 19, 2014

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

What Day to Shop? 12 Insider Tips on Store Markdowns

Like to shop but concerned about getting the best deals? Here are some tips on when popular retailers tend to markdown their merchandise.

University’s Letter Provides Best Personal Finance Lesson to Students

Interesting what one university is doing to educate young people of the impact that student loans can have on their future. Pretty amazing the impact a little knowledge can have.

A Pro Resume Editor Reveals the 5 Dumbest Things You Have on Your Resume

Remember you probably only have a few seconds to capture the attention of the person reading your resume. Make sure your resume is easily scan-able and that your most important facts are readily apparent. The best tip in today’s job market is still to try to find someone already in the company that can put in a good word for you. Their recommendation stands a better chance of getting your resume read than having your resume stand out in the stack of 100 resumes sitting on the hiring manager’s desk.

How to Eat on a Beans-and-Rice Budget when Your Husband Hates Beans

Dave Ramsey often uses rice and beans, beans and rice as a metaphor for finding ways to eat as frugally as possible when you are struggling to get out of debt. But what if you really hate beans?

5 Steps Before Renting Rooms In Primary Residences

Looking for some extra cash to pay down debt or to help make the mortgage payment? If you have a spare bedroom or perhaps a mother-in-law suite, one option to consider is finding a roommate to rent the space out. This can be a big help if circumstances are right, but there are some important things you need to consider before heading down that path.

How to find great used-car deals

Great list of resources to research your next used car purchases. Some of these I have used; some I’ll have to check out. In addition to fueleconomy,gov for checking out potential gas mileage, another site I really like is It allows you to track your own fuel economy. You can also search for the exact year/model car you are researching and see real world averages for fuel economy.

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