Best of the week – January 25, 2014

Some articles that caught my eye this week…

17 Personal Finance Books You Need to Read This Year

Great list of authors here. Some I’ve read. Some I haven’t. If you truly want to get ahead, it is vital that you are always learning new things. Reading is one important way of doing that.

Did you get an email from Target? What you need to know

Beware of Target scams. Scammers love things like this because they can easily craft an e-mail that looks like it may have come from Target and take advantage of all the recent publicity to spread their scams. Be very careful if you receive an e-mail from Target to verify that it truly is legitimate.

The 5-Decade Plan for a Successful Retirement

Increasingly we live in a world where the traditional 30 years and a gold watch with a nice pension are a thing of the past. While I don’t believe Social Security will be allowed to fail, it is unlikely that social security alone will provide sufficient income to give you a comfortable retirement, nor was that ever really the intention of Social Security. You need to be planning now to make sure you are able to retire with dignity. The earlier you start the easier it is.

Friday Financial Fails: Make Excuses

All of us have made mistakes with money. There’s no shame in that. The question is what do you do with your mistakes. Do you learn from them? Or do you decide the world is stacked against you and the little man can’t get ahead? Sometimes we have issues that happen due to illness or other tragic events beyond our control that cause us financial difficulties. But the vast majority of time if we are honest with ourselves our financial woes relate to our own bad decisions. If we are unwilling to take responsibility for those decisions, we will never make any progress.

6 money habits that are illegal

Have you ever been tempted to do any of these?

8 Errors You’re Most Likely to Make on Your Tax Return

We are approaching tax time again.  If you have very simple finances you can probably do your own taxes or use one of the popular tax software programs like TurboTax. If you have more complicated finances paying for a good tax professional may be well worth the fees.

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