Best of the week – January 18, 2014

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

5 Weird Ways to Make Extra Cash with Your Home

If you need some extra money to get that debt snowball rolling, here are some unusual ways you might be able to use your home to bring in some extra cash. Not all of them would work in all areas, but perhaps this will help you think outside the box to find some creative ways to bring in some extra cash.

Make Your Dishwasher Last (Almost) Forever With These 6 Tricks

One way to “save” is by making the stuff you have last longer.

7 Signs That You’re Turning Frugal into a Dirty Word

There is a difference between being frugal and being downright cheap, miserly, or rude. Frugal is smart. Taking it too far may well cost you far more in the long run both financially and relationally.

4 people who earn six figures and still feel broke

Many financial experts promote good debt over bad debt. Things like mortgages or college loans are considered good debt. I think debt is debt. Debt always steals your freedom. Sure college loans (if you got your degree and if you are employed in the field you studied) are more productive than debt from putting Saturday night’s pizza on the credit card for example, but all debt limits your ability to do what you really want to do. I suspect if you asked the 4 people in this article, they would say their “good debt” has not blessed them much.

7 busted myths to weatherize your home

Much of the country just lived through some record cold temperatures and we still have much of winter yet to go. Properly weatherizing your home can save big bucks and make you a little more comfortable when the thermometer freezes.

6 Tips to Expertly Explain Gaps in Your Resume

Over the last few years many people have lost jobs through no fault of their own and it has taken them much longer than they expected to be rehired. A gap in your employment doesn’t need to be a negative, and any hiring manager that doesn’t understand that probably doesn’t represent a company you’d want to work for anyway. That said, you should be prepared to answer potential questions about it.

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