Best of the week – January 17, 2015

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

14 Ways to Buy Produce for Less

I like coupons but often the most common coupons are for processed foods. Finding ways to save for things like produce can be more challenging which can make it a little more difficult if you are trying to eat healthy. A 15th tip I would add is sign up for a free account on Checkout 51. Often they provide cash back on produce.

10 Signs You’ve Gone From Frugal To Cheap

Remember no deal is ever worth the price of your integrity.

7 Haggle-Free Ways to Get a Discount

Often you can get a great deal just by asking, but for some of us, myself included, haggling can be an uncomfortable process.

10 Types of Friends Who Are Costing You Money

I’ve heard it said that your income will match the average of your 5 closest friends. I think there is some truth to that as the kind of people you hang out with can have a big impact on your financial success.

Budgets make me feel inadequate, but made me rich

Love this description of budgeting. It would be wonderful if we had money for anything we ever wanted in life, but for most of us that isn’t an option. A spending plan done properly helps us make the choices of how we spend our money so that we can have what matters most to us instead of whatever the whim of the moment may be.

Buying a House, Things to Remember

For most of us our home is the largest purchase we will ever make. Done right it can be a place of joy and rest. Done wrong it can be a nightmare that might land us in bankruptcy or foreclosure. While owning a home is a worthy goal, remember there is nothing wrong with renting until you are really ready to buy.

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