Best of the week – February 22, 2014

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

12 Ways To Turn a Bad Day Into a Better One

Having a bad day?

Forget Your Weaknesses and Build on Your Strengths to Find Success

Throughout my career in corporate America, my yearly performance review process has always included a component where we had to choose a skill where we felt we needed improvement and develop a training goal for how we would improve it in the coming year. In reality though, I have come to believe this is backwards thinking. Rather than choosing a skill that we aren’t very proficient in and trying to at least become average, what if we chose to focus on what we did well and tried to become really exceptional? Certainly there are activities that we need at least some level of competence in to succeed whether we are good at them or not, but I think our common way of doing things tends to promote mediocrity instead of excellence.

How Well Could Your Spouse Manage Your Family’s Investments?

None of us like to think about dying, but we all know that day will come. If you are the one that primarily handles your family finances and something unexpected happened to you tomorrow, would your spouse have the knowledge he or she needs to carry on financially? Creating a legacy drawer is a great way to get started on this.

9 Low Cost Child’s Birthday Gift Ideas

Have a child’s birthday coming up but there isn’t much extra money? This can be very difficult as we don’t want to disappoint our child. Here’s some low cost ways to still make the day very special. (And often times it is experiences we remember far more than stuff.)

5 Ways to Save Money and Eat Healthier

One of the downsides of couponing is that coupons tend to be more abundantly available for processed foods, which can make it harder to save and still eat healthy.

10 Things That Changed the World this Decade

Hard to imagine that these things didn’t exist or were mostly unknown just 10-15 years ago. The lesson to learn from this is our world is changing rapidly. From a career standpoint you need to be constantly learning things or you will soon fall far behind. The best investment you can make is in you.

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