Best of the week – December 21, 2013

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

35 Gifts Your Children Will Never Forget

As good parents we want our children to have great memories. This especially hits home during the holiday seasons. At Christmas this sometimes equates to looking for the perfect gifts. I know I am often guilty of this. While there is nothing wrong with giving your children gifts, the gifts they are likely to remember most often come without a price tag.

Being Faithful in the Small Things- What a Free Aca’i Berry Tea Taught Me About Wealth,Trust, and Success

It is interesting that when Thomas Stanley did his study of deca-millionaires (i.e. those with 10 million or more) in his book The Millionaire Mind, the number one factor he found that was a common trait among the folks he studied was tremendous amounts of integrity.

 4 Sneaky Retail Tricks

Retailers have their ways to makes us think we are getting a better deal than we really are. The key is to be an educated shopper. Do your homework. Know what price is a good value. If you do that you can avoid getting taken.

Are Credit Card Points Worth It?

Many people argue that they put things on their credit cards because they take advantage of the rewards. They are beating the system! But are they really?  Take a look at your home. Now consider the bank’s HQ. Who is really making out? I think it’s a lot rarer than most people want to admit for you to really reap any significant benefits from credit card rewards. The rewards tend to be small and the list of gotchas is long.

How to Combat Frugal Fatigue when Being Gazelle Intense

Paying off debt is not easy. The changes you need to make to get traction can be painful in the short-term but in the long-term they are worth it. Focus on the end goal, keep track of the progress you make, and reward yourself with small appropriate rewards along the way and you will make it.

Letting Go: How to Sell Kids Clothing

Finding a place to sell the clothing might not be the most difficult part of selling your children’s old clothing.

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