Best of the week – December 20, 2014

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week….

Are you holding yourself back with these money lies?

How many of these myths about money do you hold onto?

12 Personal Finance Podcasts to Consider for Your Commute

I love podcasts. They are free and are a great way to learn about your favorite topics. I listen to a ton of podcasts every week including several of the financially related ones on this list.

10 Things in Your Pantry That Don’t Last as Long as You Think

I love getting a good deal and it is great to stock up when you find a really good sale. But do you know when a good sale becomes a really bad deal? When you end up throwing away half of what you purchase. Look for deals, but just make sure you don’t buy more than you can use before it spoils.

101 DIY Gifts for Kids

Need some last-minute Christmas ideas?

Why You Should Pretend Gas Is Still $4 Per Gallon

Driving home this evening I saw gas for $2.19, which is the cheapest I have seen in a very long time. I’m sure most us (at least those of us not working for an energy company) are loving the low gas prices, but realistically it isn’t likely to continue forever. This is a great opportunity to get ahead a little in your finances. I have read that the current gas prices could save the average family $800 a year. Instead of taking that extra money and blowing it, how about building up your savings or paying down some debt!

One Strange Reason You Might Not be Reaching Your Goals

The language we use is powerful. It can often betray our real thoughts. If you accept that you are a victim and do not really believe you have the ability to better your situation, it is almost a guarantee that you will never succeed.

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