Best of the week – April 12, 2014

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

Get Your Tax Day Freebies and Deals 2014

Here are a bunch of ways you can treat yourself to soften the blow from dealing with the tax man.

My Checklist To Financial Freedom

How many of these items are you doing today? If you are struggling, pick at least one of them and start on it this week.

5 rules for using the Internet after ‘Heartbleed’

You may have heard about the most recent security breach dubbed Heartbleed. This one was a particularly nasty one. If you have online financial accounts, it would be a good idea to verify that they have installed the fixes for this security hole, and if they have, change your passwords just to protect yourself.

10 Money Conversations You Must Have With Your Family

One of the biggest benefits of budgeting is that if done properly it opens the door for many needed conversations with your spouse. This is just one of the areas where you need to learn to communicate if you want to have a great marriage.

Turn Your Closet Into Cash – Selling Used Clothes Online and In Stores

If you need money to start your debt snowball, save for a vacation, or prepare for some other upcoming need, the answer might be in your closet. Most of us have clothes in our closet we haven’t worn in years.

Seven big mistakes couples make in retirement

Probably the biggest mistake that many couples make is not planning for retirement at all.


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