Best of the week – September 22, 2012

Some things that caught my eye this week…

Sneaky ways restaurants get you to spend more

Some little tricks that a wise shopper should be aware of.

 Cracking Your PIN Code: Easy as 1-2-3-4

Do you use any of the pin codes listed in this article? It’s very important when choosing pin numbers or passwords to not choose something easily guessed just for the sake of convenience. Identity theft is a growing problem and choosing easy to guess passwords leaves you that much more vulnerable.

Leading your family’s finances from good to great

I just read Jim Collin’s book Good To Great this summer. Excellent book:  Collins studied what characteristics separated companies that achieved great results vs. those that were just good. This article took some of the leadership principles from the book and applied them to how you can take your personal finances from good to great. Some really great advice here.

Do You Think It’s Possible to Have a Stay at Home Parent and Live on One Paycheck?

I think there is tremendous value in having a stay-at-home parent especially when your children are young. For most families though this is a difficult decision. You can do it, but it does take sacrifice. For our family, I think the sacrifices were absolutely worth it.

How You’re Lying to Yourself Every Day About Your Spending Priorities

Larry Burkett used to say he could tell what was most important to anyone simply by looking at their calendar and their checkbook register. So true. This is another reason why budgets are very important. The budget forces you to look at exactly where your money is going. If you don’t like what you see, then you may need to adjust your spending so that your money really does go to what matters most to you.

Tips for the Introverted Negotiator

One of the lessons in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course deals with how to negotiate a good deal. Practically speaking this is always one of the hardest of the lessons for me to actually carry out in real life. For those like me that have a very non-confrontational personality, this article has some good tips. The real key I think is to always keep in mind that a successful negotiation should always result in both sides feeling like they got a win. A good deal shouldn’t mean that one side feels like they were taken.

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