Best of the week – October 6, 2012

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week.

13 Ways Americans Throw Away Money

Estimated total of $684 billion a year wasted on these items combined.

Working Past 65? Don’t Overlook the Financial Side Effects

Many folks find that working after the age of 65 is necessary as they don’t have quite enough saved. Or perhaps you just really enjoy your work and don’t want to retire yet. This article provides a list of things to consider, some good, some bad, with regards to Social Security, Medicare and investments.

We paid off our mortgage: Tales of 3 homeowners

Three encouraging tales of people in different circumstances that still paid their homes off early.

5 Circumstances When You Should Save for the Short Term

Good practical advice for short term savings.

Know Your Spending Triggers To Change Your Financial Behavior

We all have different temptations when it comes to spending. Knowing your weaknesses is a key to making responsible decisions.

How a Simple Act of Kindness Can Change a Life

Excellent reminder. I think one of the big reasons for getting out of debt is it frees up resources we can give to help others. It’s very hard to be a blessing to others when we are financially weak ourselves.

 How to ask for a raise

The key is to be able to show your value to the organization. Think of it from a business owner’s perspective. If I have an employee that is making money for me, it is in my best interest to reward him for his efforts.


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