Best of the week – October 20, 2012

Some stories that caught my eye this week…

 Where to Get The Most Money For Your Used Gadgets

Need some money to get your debt snowball rolling? A little extra cash for Christmas? Here are some suggestions for ways to get some money out of those old gadgets you may have lying around.

Is Debt a Sin or a Temptation?

The article raises some interesting food for thought. I would definitely consider debt more of a temptation than a sin. I really don’t think the Bible teaches that debt is a sin. I do think though the Bible teaches that debt is unwise and we need to consider the motivations that led us into debt. I think debt sometimes can be a symptom of other sins.

3 Essential Financial Conversations You Need To Have Today

Three very important areas that you and your spouse need to be in agreement upon. I think shared goals especially can be so powerful. It is hard sometimes to make the changes we need to make to succeed, especially if we don’t have our eyes on the end result. When you have a goal that you are both working together to achieve, it makes change so much easier.

Genius Ways to Save on Gas

Some tips I knew, a couple that I didn’t.

3 real-life stories on how to save money

Think it is impossible to save up to pay cash for a car or a house? Be encouraged by stories of some normal people who did just that.

How to Keep Your Coupon Savings

Stores have years of research and put detailed analysis into ways to “encourage” you to leave with more items than were on your list. Here are just a few of the tricks they use.

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