Best of the week – November 3, 2012

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week.

7 insurance tips to deal with Sandy

Information that is now too late for those in the northeast unfortunately. Some important things to consider if you live in a coastal state. Even in the Midwest where I live Sandy’s winds had an effect. The most important thing when it comes to home owner’s insurance is to make sure you understand your policy. If you are unsure ask lots of questions. If you have a good agent they should be happy to explain everything to you in a way you can understand. If they aren’t that’s a sign you need a new agent.

10 Shopping Tips for the Mobile Consumer

Our world is getting increasingly mobile as smartphones play a bigger role. Here are some tips to consider if you have a smart phone particularly as you are out doing your holiday shopping.

6 must-have features for your next home

For most people purchasing a home is the largest financial transaction you will ever make. The last thing you want is to spend thousands of dollars on a home and then after living there a few months find you have made a big mistake. Some good things to think about here before signing those papers.

How to Turn a Hobby Into a Business

If you are struggling with debt and making the budget balance, you have two choices basically: Reduce your spending or increase your income. One way you can increase your income is look at a hobby that you enjoy and see if there is a way you can take it to another level and make it a business. You have the ability to increase your income and get the added benefit of earning income at something you enjoy doing anyway. This is also an option to consider if you have been unemployed and have had difficulty finding a new job. Just be careful and do not take on a bunch of added debt until you know what kind of income your hobby will generate for you.

5 Credit Card Traps to Avoid

The best way to avoid credit card traps is to not use them at all. The thing that strikes me here though is that many times the advantages that are touted, aren’t really as good as advertised. 5 great examples in this article. One of the common arguments people make for using credit cards is if you pay it off each month then you can take advantage of all these benefits. Often though there are many “catches” involved and the benefits aren’t as good as they are made to sound. Plus, there have been many studies that show you spend more when swiping a card than paying cash.

5 Economic Lessons from American History

I love reading about history. Truth is there is much to learn from being a student of history. While we sometimes think that the circumstances we are living in are unique that is rarely the case. We can almost always learn much about today from taking a look at yesterday.


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