Best of the week – November 10, 2012

Some things that caught my eye this week.

14 tax issues to watch after the election

Now that the election is over the next big issue we’ll all probably get tired of hearing about is the upcoming “fiscal cliff”. There is a combination of the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, some enforced budget cuts and other things that are all due to occur at the end of the year. Some feel that if no action is taken these things could push the US economy back into a recession. In this article Market Watch takes a look at 14 different tax breaks that are set to expire and makes prediction on what they think will happen with each. We often think of the term “tax breaks” in conjunction with the wealthy but most of these tax breaks are ones that will impact everyday Americans.

Hurricane Sandy proves cash is still king in emergencies

It is critical to have an emergency fund to help us through those times when life throws us a curve ball. The article though makes an important point. It is a good idea to have some cash hidden in a secure location that is easily accessible. There are rare occasions where due to a natural disaster or other emergency circumstances your bank may not be available for a few days. If there is an extended power outage like we are seeing in some areas hit by Sandy, ATM’s and other debit/credit card processing may be unavailable for a time too. Having a small stash of cash in a secret location might save you a great deal of trouble if you are in the middle of one of these emergencies. Just make sure it is very well hidden, kept very secret, but still easily accessible. (A water proof container might be a good idea too!)

How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

There are few things that provide as much financial peace as knowing your home is paid for. It will change the way you live your life. Many people despair though of ever paying their home off early. Here are some simple steps that almost anyone can take to potentially shave years off your payments and save thousands of dollars in interest too!

14 Black Friday Myths Revealed

It’s that time of year. I just saw this week that Wal-Mart has already posted their planned Black Friday deals. If you are a Black Friday shopper here are some things to keep in mind.

Do Apple Products Ever Go On Sale?

Apple makes some excellent products and has developed a very loyal fan base over the years. One of the problems though for the frugal shopper is that they also do a very good job with controlling prices. Rarely, will you see deep discounts on Apple merchandise. Here are some tips though on ways you can save at least a little if you are a confirmed Apple lover. One additional tip I would add is if you don’t care about the latest and the greatest, E-Bay can also be an excellent source. If you are patient and willing to purchase an item that’s a couple generations old you can often save significant amounts of money there.

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