Best of the week – March 9, 2013

Articles that caught my eye this week…

Found Money Update: $10,319

Great examples of the little ways that most of us have money just sitting around. It often takes some time or effort but it can realy add up.

Saving Money With Coupons: What To Know Before You Clip

My family regularly saves between 25-30% on our grocery bill by carefully shopping sales and using coupons. It really doesn’t require that much time, and in essence it it is kind of like free money.

5 Things You Should Have Together Before You Ask for a Raise

The biggest key to getting a raise is you need to be able to show your employer what value you are adding to the organization. Most businesses are not charitable organizations. They are in business to make money. If you can show how you add to the bottom line then a wise businessman will want to reward a good employee that helps them make more money.

Why you want to refinance your mortgage before April 1

Mortgage rates are at historic lows so there has never been a better time to refinance. Big one here is PMI, which is insurance that protects lender in the event of a foreclosure. Changes coming April 1 are expected to raise the cost of PMI and also remove the ability to have PMI dropped after you have sufficiently paid down the mortgage.

14 Revealing Interview Questions

If you are looking for a new job one of the keys is doing well in the interview process. Some people think very quickly on their feet and are able to respond easily to a variety of questions. Unfortunately, I tend to require a little more time to process things. A key piece of the job search I went through a few years ago was making a list of potential interview questions and rehearsing answers to those questions. The more polished and professional you can appear and the better you understand what the interviewer may really be looking for, the more likely you will land that job.

044: How to Overcome the Resistance [Podcast]

Michael Hyatt, the former chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishing, has a great weekly podcast where he discusses leadership and just general self-improvement topics. He had a great discussion this week about overcoming resistance. The podcast was speaking of work in general but I think this applies to finances too. Anytime you try to accomplish something new, at some point you will hear a little voice inside your head saying “You’ll never make it. You aren’t good enough. You might as well give up. ” Learning to recognize and push past that voice is a key component of achieving success. It is worth 40 minutes of your time to download this week’s podcast and listen to it. I think you will find it encouraging.


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