Best of the week – March 30, 2013

Some articles that caught my eye this week…

“Houston We Have a Problem”: 3 Financial Lessons from Apollo 13

What do you do when it looks like your finances are headed for a disaster?

5 Places Where You Should Never Give Your Social Security Number 

Identity theft is a real problem in our credit driven society. Cleaning up the mess after becoming a victim of identity theft can take weeks and is a huge hassle. While it can happen even if you are vigilant, your chances are better if you are very careful about who gets your most sensitive information.

10 Ways to Tell if You’re a Shopaholic

Do any of these sound familiar?

5 Painless Ways to Save Money

Some very simple ways to save.

9 Ways You’re Wasting Your Tax Return

The best solution is to try adjust your withholding so you minimize your refund, but if you do get a refund or any other unexpected windfall be careful that you use that money wisely. It’s very easy to let your guard down and look up a month later and wonder where the money went.

5 Ways To Control Emotional Spending

“Emotional spending” can be a real problem. It’s fun to buy stuff, and buying something we want makes us feel better – at least until the bills arrive. If you are tempted by emotional spending, here are some ideas to make sure it doesn’t torpedo your finances.

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