Best of the week – March 21, 2015

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

Remember: The Joneses Aren’t People, They’re Composites

I loved this article. One of the best I have read in a long time. A lack of contentment is one of the surest paths to financial failure. But why do we constantly feel the need to try to “Keep up with the Joneses”? This article nailed it.

Young people who want to have a lot of money in retirement better understand this chart

First time I saw a chart like this I was blown away. Nothing can beat the power of compounding interest over time. If all young people graduating from high school understood this chart there would be no excuse for anyone not retiring with comfortable savings. The need for social security would be a thing of the past.

Six Biggest Myths About 529 Plans

529 plans are a great way to save for your child’s college. We are using a 529 to save for my son’s education. Not all 529 plans are created equal however. There is a great variety in the types of available investments. You want to choose a 529 plan that gives you a great deal of flexibility in how your money is invested.

How to Use Your Emergency Fund to Save on Insurance Premiums

One of the most effective ways to save on your insurance costs is to raise your deductibles. The purpose of insurance is to transfer risk. It is to provide a barrier of protection between you and those financial disasters from which it would be very difficult for you to recover. But the key to being able to do that is you need to be able to cash flow smaller issues.That’s where your emergency fund savings comes in.

Is Amazon Prime Pantry a Good Deal?

Have any of you tried Amazon Prime Pantry? If so leave a comment below with your experiences. I would be curious to hear them. I have not used this service, but we have used Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program to get some really good deals on things we regularly buy.

20 Signs That You Might Be A Cheapskate

So where do you draw the line between sensible frugality and just being downright cheap?

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