Best of the week, March 14, 2015

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

31 Ways Real People Make Extra Income

While some of these ideas may not make you millions, they could provide that extra income you need to get your debt snowball rolling or to save up to pay cash for that item you have been wanting.

Learning To Be Content

I believe one of the most important keys to financial peace has nothing to do with what you make or what you save. It is simply learning to be content. Contentment is sometimes a difficult thing to hold on to as we are hit by a constant stream of marketing every day. Understand that one of the keys to marketing is to plant a seed of discontentment in your heart. They need to convince you that your life would be some how better if you only bought their product. And maybe that is true. Maybe that product will help you in some way. Marketing is not evil. But if you aren’t careful, that discontentment can leave you with a basement full of stuff you never use and an empty wallet.

Five Words That Will Save You Thousands of Dollars Every Year

Here is a simple question to ask the next time you are getting ready to purchase something.

Price Book 101

One of the keys to saving on groceries is knowing when a sale is really a sale. It is hard to do that when you don’t know what a good price is. One way you can do that is by keeping a price book on items you regularly buy. For items you purchase on a regular basis simply record the price each time you shop. You’ll learn how the price fluctuates over time and how often the item goes on sale. Armed with that information you can stock up when the price is at its best.

12 Great Reasons to Drop Your Bank and Join a Credit Union

I switched to a credit union probably close to 20 years ago and have never regretted it.

How to Get a Discount on Almost Anything

You never know until you ask. You might be surprised at what you can save.

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