Best of the week – July 13, 2013

Some articles that caught my attention this week…

Scams and Schemes to Be Aware Of and How to Avoid Falling Prey to Others

Great example and reminder. I can easily see how people can be fooled by these scams. And interestingly in this example the solicitation was completely legal, though clearly deceptive and in my opinion unethical. It pays to read the fine print. Take your time. Check things out.

4 Facts Most People Don’t Know About Saving Rates

Lower interest rates have been a blessing for those looking to buy a home, but the downside of lower interest rates for borrowing is that savings rates are also very low. Still for things like your emergency fund or other short-term saving goals savings accounts are still the best place to keep that money.

3 Things You Should Do Right Now to Find a Job Faster

The job market has slowly been improving but many are still looking. I think there are two really important keys to finding a new job. Sadly the old method of blasting out a bunch of resumes just doesn’t work very well. It really does help if you know someone in the organization. The problem with sending resumes is you might be 1 of 500 resumes that are received. It’s not that the hiring manager ignores you, it’s just very hard to be seen. Having someone that can put in a good word for you can make a huge difference. And that leads to the next thing which is businesses are really only interested in how you can help them be more successful. The more you can show what you have accomplished in the past, the better you can make your case that if they hire you, you have the skills to help them solve the problems they are facing as well.

From 0 to 18: Frugal Tips for Every Year of Your Child’s Life

Great tips for every stage of your child’s life.

8 Clear-Cut Ways to Becoming a Better Saver

There are almost no quick fixes when it comes to finances, but often by making some minor changes combined with giving it time, most of us are able to complete our savings goals.

8 budget-busting travel fees to watch out for this summer

Are you planning to travel this summer? Here are some gotchas to be aware of. Some of these hit on personal pet peeves of mine as they are often geared particularly at business travelers. Facilities figure that business travelers will just put it on the expense report anyway, but a ridiculous fee is a ridiculous fee regardless of whether I pay it or my company pays it.

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