Best of the week – January 5, 2013

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week:

6 Resolutions for Bargain Hunters

Some good words of moderation. It is easy to become obsessed with bargain hunting, when you have found a few good deals. But if you aren’t careful the “bargain hunting” can actually end up costing you more. Be a wise bargain shopper.

Best Warehouse Store: BJ’s, Costco or Sam’s Club?

We don’t have a Costco in our area but we do have BJ’s and Sam’s. I’ve shopped at both. Currently, we have¬† a BJ’s membership. As in all things you need to be a wise shopper and know prices. Not everything is a good deal at BJ’s, but I do think by buying selectively we save a considerable amount of money each year shopping at BJ’s.

Best Values in Public Colleges, 2013

One way to save significantly on the cost of college is to attend a public university. I must admit that I did attend a private college. I was very fortunate to receive a large amount of financial aid. If you aren’t in that position though a public university can be a great value. With rare exceptions, most employers aren’t so concerned about the name on your diploma as they are whether you have skills to solve the business problems they are facing. In most cases you can get that knowledge and skills at a public institution and avoid graduating tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

Top 10 Ways to Save on Meat and Poultry

Meat prices can kill your grocery budget if you aren’t careful. Use these tips to still enjoy some meat in your diet without emptying your wallet. One tip I would add is that having a freezer can really be a big money saver in the long run. My father-in-law bought us a freezer when we were married and it has been probably the best wedding present we received. It allows us to stock up when we see a good sale. We simply break the meat up into meal sized portions and freeze them separately.

Protecting Your New Smartphone

Phones have come along way. The smartphones we carry around in our pockets these days often have as much or more functionality as our home computers. The downside of this is they can be great targets for hackers. Here are some simple steps you can take to protect your information.

7 Changes to Healthcare in 2013

Healthcare is a rapidly changing area and a critical one as a major medical problem could quickly sink you if you aren’t properly covered.

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