Best of the week for August 11, 2012

Here are some excellent articles I read this week:

25 Simple Ways to Save an Extra $1,000

Baby Step 1 is to save a $1,000 for a beginning emergency fund. Here’s a wide variety of ways we can save a few dollars each month. Not every idea will apply to everybody, but almost certainly everyone can find some ideas here of things they could do.

5 easy ways to find cheap gas

Gas prices near where I live have increased significantly in the last few weeks. Here are some good tips for saving on gas. I’ve used most of these tips. Rewards programs can be especially useful. One of our local shopping markets offers both fuel rewards on grocery’s purchased and grocery rewards on gas purchases, so you win both ways.

Why Do Pastors Always Talk About Money?

It’s a common question often asked by those looking for an excuse to not go to church. Rich makes some great points in this article. One in particular that struck me was that when we go to the grocery store, they always expect money for what we have in our cart. The doctor expects money for helping to heal our bodies. Movie theaters collect money for entertaining us. Organizations can’t survive without money. So why do we view a church differently that is looking to save our eternal soul?

6 Sales Tactics To Avoid When Buying Electronics At A Retail Store

Good article to point out some sales techniques that are used to get you to buy a more expensive model than you need or pay for services, like extended warranties, that aren’t really good deals for you. Focus is on purchasing electronics but many of these items could apply to any large purchases. The more information you have, the more wisely you will be able to make purchasing decisions.

How to watch out for previously wrecked used cars

Carfax is an excellent way to get some history on a used vehicle that you are looking to purchase. Be aware though that it isn’t fool-proof. They can only report on accidents the car was involved in if those accidents were reported. If the parties involved worked things out on the side then there may be no record for them to report. Used cars are still a great financial decision as the average new car loses 20% of its value when you drive it off the lot and 65% of its value over the first 5 years you own it. You do want to be wise though when choosing a used car to purchase. Nothing can beat having a quality mechanic that you trust take a look at the vehicle before you buy it.

Are Museum Memberships Worth the Cost?

This article raised some great points I hadn’t ever thought about. I had always just looked at evaluating a yearly pass based on how frequently I might visit the museum. But there are a number of other potential¬†benefits to a membership. If there are museums you enjoy visiting, this might provide some tips to consider.

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