Best of the week – February 28, 2015

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

The Problem With Tithing Your Time

I have often heard people who are struggling financially suggest they are giving of their time instead because they simply don’t have enough money left over at the end of the month to give a tithe from their income. I know it is hard to give when you aren’t sure how all the bills are going to be paid. I have been there myself. I once had a pastor though who asked the question, “Do you believe you can do more with 100% of your income than you and God can do with 90%?” That statement has always stuck with me. When I was laid off from my job a few years ago, we tithed on my unemployment checks and even on my severance check. While those tithe checks weren’t always easy to write, God was always faithful in providing.

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

So often the choices we make when it comes to money have very little to do with math and everything to do with our attitudes. A little change in how we look at things can make a huge difference in our success.

5 questions to ask before an impulse purchase

Impulse purchases get most of us at one time or another and not all impulse purchases are bad. But I am sure you can remember many times when you bought something on impulse and a day or two later wondered just what you were thinking. I know I have. My best tip for when you are tempted by an impulse purchase is sleep on it. The item will still be there tomorrow, and if it isn’t then maybe that’s God’s way of saying you weren’t supposed to buy it anyway. I don’t know how many times I have applied this principle and woke up the next morning realizing I really didn’t need or even want that item I was so convinced I had to have.

3 Financial Principles I Wish My Parents Had Taught Me

Simple lessons, but lessons so many people fail to follow.

10 costly mistakes shoppers make at supermarkets

Food is often one of the larger items on our monthly budget. The good news though is this is also one area where there are often many ways to save.

50 Fun Things to Do When You’re Stuck Inside During Winter

Hopefully, wherever you live you’re experiencing better weather, but where I am they are predicting another 6-10 inches of snow this weekend. If you are getting tired of being cooped up by nasty weather, here are some fun ideas for making the best of it.

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