Best of the week – December 1, 2012

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3 Things God Requires of Us Financially

Micah 6:8 is one of my favorite scriptures. While it applies to all areas of our life, it applies especially well to how we handle our money


Here are some other articles that caught my eye this week:

13 Things to Teach Your Children

A great list of things to teach your children. As a Christian I would add a fourteenth item, a faith in Christ  and knowledge of His word. If your children grasp these 14 items they will be very much ahead of the game.

Can Adult Children Coming Home Be a Win-Win?

Between a rough job market, foreclosures and the other issues we have seen in the economy, adult children moving in with their parents has been a growing trend. While as parents we want to help our children in the short-term when they are hurting, in the long run they are best helped  by learning to live independently. If you are facing this situation, this article has some great advice to make sure that it becomes a blessing to all involved. The key to any of these situations is lots and lots and lots of communication. Make sure everyone understands very well what is expected. This is the most critical component.

What Are the Average Community College Costs Per Year?

It is no secret that the cost of college has risen dramatically leading many to assume it is not possible to get a degree without a mountain of student loans. One way to avoid that debt trap is to attend a local community college for a year or two. The costs can be substantially less and you can often knock out many of your general requirements.  Just be very careful to verify that you will be able to transfer your credits. I would talk to someone at the 4 year college where you hope to transfer and have them verify that they will accept the credits and if there are particular terms required to transfer them.

8 password-picking tips to outsmart hackers

Choosing strong passwords is so important. Identity theft is a major problem. You want to make it as difficult as possible to a hacker to guess your password.


Fun link of the week:

8 Things You May Not Know About Money

Some interesting money trivia  I bet you didn’t know.

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