Best of the week – August 30, 2014

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week….

Real Life Debt Busters: Bob Snyder

Josh and the folks at Faithworks Financial were kind enough to highlight our family’s debt free story this week.

Why Money Doesn’t Solve Money Problems

Personal finance usually doesn’t have nearly as much to do with math as it does with attitudes and behavior. More money just allows us to be even more of what we already are. Until we are able to adopt an attitude of gratitude and contentment, more money will not solve a thing.

7 ways to save money on your electronics

What tricks have you used get a good deal on electronics?

10 Chore Ideas for Toddlers

It is important to instill in children the importance of work. Even toddlers can perform small tasks.

5 BS Myths About Building Wealth Everyone Thinks Are True

Have you bought into any of these myths? They are prevalent in our society.

Smartphones, technology, and your career

Many of us carry a tremendous amount of computing power around with us each day in the form of our smart phones or tablets. The great thing is there are tons of great time-saving and money-saving resources that are available and many of them are free. Douglas Welch at Career Opportunities posted a great tutorial on some of these resources.

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